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Payday loans are designed to help small emergencies in life, and when the payday is too far away, it can provide quick cash. By completing our simple online application, you can earn $50 – $1,000. Apply now and you can reach payday today!

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    Our Payday Loans Process

    A Payday Loans, also known as a Payday Advance, is a short-term loan that is used to pay for small and often unexpected expenses. Payday loans are usually repaid on your next payment date (usually between two to four weeks). These small loans are the most important safe and convenient way to expand your purchasing power. Whether you are struggling to make ends meet, or facing unexpected bills or maintenance costs, Fastercashing payday loans can help you.

    Why Choose Us

    Get The Money You Need When You Need It

    Unlike our competitors, Fastercashing can fund your loan online 7 days a week.

    Clear Terms and Conditions

    As a borrower, you will get clear terms and conditions. You will know what you got and the costs involved.

    No Credit Required

    Unlike most financial institutions, we do not need your credit history information to arrange a loan for you.

    We are a Direct Lender

    As a direct lender, we provide barrier-free cash advances. Your information will never be sold or transferred to other lenders.

    Retail and Online Options

    This gives you the flexibility to choose how to do business with us. If you don’t want to go out, you can do business comfortably and conveniently at home or at your desk.


    We use encryption and security protocols, so your data is safe. You can use Fastercashing with confidence, and you can have confidence in our online process.

    How it work

    Apply Online

    Complete our online application. Fast, easy and confidential.

    Get Approved

    If you are eligible, then please electronically sign your loan documents to continue the loan financing process.

    Get Cash

    Cash Deposited to your Bank Account (Instantly for Qualified Bank Accounts).

    Repay Your Loan

    Pay back the loan and fees by electronic withdrawal.

    Apply today and you can get money in your account as soon as tomorrow!

    Learn more about payday loans

    What is an payday loans online?

    Payday loans Online are short-term, small principal loans that can be applied for using mobile devices or computers. They are usually used to meet unexpected expenses and are usually repaid on the borrower’s next payday, although some states allow extensions of the loan period. Please visit our “Rates and Terms” page to see the rules specific to your state.

    What is the best Payday loans Online?

    The “best” payday loans online is the best loan for everyone. Certain types of credit can better meet certain needs. Of course, not everyone is eligible for a loan with the lowest interest rate. When looking for the “best” loan, you should first determine your needs and then see what qualifications you have.

    How long does it take to get an Payday loans Online?

    It takes a few minutes to apply for our payday loans online. Upon submission, conditional approval will be immediately given on the website. After receiving the application, a customer service representative will call you to verify your application information. If all information is verified, your funds will usually be used on the next business day.